CMI Supplying Molten Metal Pump for Aluminum

Jan. 23, 2007
Design for molten magnesium pump now underway

January 24, 2007 — CMI Novacast, a manufacturer of pumps and other equipment for molten metal, reports it has been contracted to supply a complete molten aluminum handling system to an unnamed secondary smelter. The plan calls for the system using electromagnetic pumping to deliver filtered, controlled molten aluminum to the smelter's ingot and sow casting lines automatically.

According to CMI Novacast, the system will make it possible for the smelter to supply cleaner metal to the molds, with minimal temperature loss, better volume control during delivery, and requiring less labor.

CMI Novacast states that it's electromagnetic pumps can be used to deliver molten aluminum and zinc for mold filling, or general transfer, and that it now has a magnesium pump is in the design stage.