Foundry Launches Pattern Repair/Storage Center

July 19, 2005
Whitman Castings starts 24/7 service

Whtiman Castings Inc., Whitman, MA, has opened a pattern refurbishing, storage, and transfer center in a 160,000-ft2 building in Worcester, MA. The facility will be staffed by experienced foundry workers and professional patternmakers who’ll be available around the clock to refurbish and/or repair any pattern. Capabilities will include re-gating, re-rigging, adding risers, and replacing missing core boxes.

The concept for the venture is to help OEMs address their pattern-storage problems. According to Whitman’s Martin A. Carrigan, because so many foundries have closed in recent years manufacturers have difficulty finding a secure location for their patterns. "Buyers are sick of moving patterns," Carrigan says. "The costs associated with the moves and the lost patterns is phenomenal."

The new center features separate loading docks, alarm and sprinkler systems, and camera surveillance. Truckloads of patterns will be sorted, inspected, and catalogued by an experienced staff, and stored and released according to the OEM’s instructions.

For more information, contact Whitman Castings at Tel. 781-447-4417, or [email protected]