Magotteaux Orders Sert Pouring Systems

Sept. 7, 2007
New installations planned in Thailand, Brazil

Sert-Metal, which develops molten-metal handling and pouring systems for primary steelmakers and ferrous and nonferrous metalcasting operations , reports two new orders from the Magotteaux Group. Magotteaux is a global chain of foundries producing wear-resistant castings and grinding media.

Earlier this year, Magotteaux Nongkae, in Thailand's Saraburi province, ordered a new Sert pressure-pouring furnace. It will feed chromium iron to a Disamatic 2013 MK4 molding line. According to Sert, the system will be designed for automatic or manual pouring, with the Magellor automatic ladle-positioning system.

It will have Sert's Uceram automatic mold-pouring system, with two OptonNum cameras (which use image analysis for digital pouring measurement); an adaptive controller; and a DEM-MQS high-precision, electrically driven stopper. The order will be completed with Sert's Ucelog data storage/analysis software.

Earlier this year, Sert was contracted to revamp the Thai foundry's front-channel level-control system . That project involved a LaserNum level-control sensor, HMD furnace-refilling detection sensor, a PLC controller, and new pneumatic circuitry.

At its foundry at Contagem, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Magotteaux will implement automated mold-pouring systems on its pressurized furnace. This order follows installation of Sert's Teach-In automation system for stopper control, in 2006.

The new order includes an OptoNum twin-camera sensor, with hardware and software for automated mold pouring; and a Magellor automatic pouring positioning package.

Magotteaux ordered its first Sert system in 2005, a Uceram automated mold-pouring system. It now operates similar systems on four Disamatic lines, one in Belgium, one in Brazil, and two in Thailand.