More Heat-Treating Capacity for Trojan

March 26, 2008
Premier Furnace Specialists rebuilds tip-up chamber for Michigan operation
Trojan Heat Treat Co., in Homer, MI, has added a tip-up furnace to expand its heat-treating offerings. The company is an affiliate of Heat Treating Services Corp. of America, and has numerous other heat-treating chambers available (belt, belt-atmosphere, pusher, box-atmosphere, pusher-atmosphere) capable of offering annealing, normalizing, and stress-relieving treatments. Premier Furnace Specialists Inc. dismantled and removed the tip-up furnace from another location and installed it in February. Trojan Heat Treat is now running continuous stress relieve/annealing cycles in atmosphere in the chamber. Premier also rebuilt and installed a 10,000-C ft 3/hr exothermic gas generator and installed a new water-recirculation system The tip-up furnace is capable of handling 92,000-lb loads. As well as heat treating, Trojan Heat Treat offers shot blasting, grinding, visual inspection, and testing of gray and ductile iron castings.