NADCA's Launches Online Education & Training

Feb. 23, 2011
Offers convenience, savings in travel expenses

The North American Die Casting Association recently launched its online education system, offering students the convenience of taking courses anywhere, and the ability to complete the courses on their own schedule — even leaving the course and picking up right where they left off.

In addition to the convenience of moving at one's own pace, the online education and training allows employers to save on time and expenses, normally spent on traveling to class locations.

As of now, there are full online courses that include exams that count towards certification, short online courses, and a free safety course available.

Full Online Courses ($99)

  • Introduction to Die Casting
  • Metal Melting & Handling
  • PQ2
  • Product Design ($59)
Short Online Courses ($19)
  • Energy Training
  • Dross Training
  • Managing Combustible Dust Hazards in Die Casting
  • Greenhouse Gas
Free Online Course
  • Safety in the Die Casting Workplace
NADCA has been developing its online education system for the last two years, with each course taking approximately three months to develop. Initially, the courses were hosted online through a partnership with Tooling U. However, according to Athena Catlett, Advertsing & Promotions Manager, the association recently acquired software that allowed the NADCA to host the courses on its own. The program has been successful so far. "We have received a number of requests for additional information which allows us to know that there is a great deal of interest in this new online education system. NADCA will continue to create new online course as we strive to make education a priority in the die casting industry," added Catlett. For course descriptions and registration, visit