Investment Caster Breaks Ground for Titanium Operation

Sept. 23, 2008
Seacast to launch fourth plant this year, in Montana

Seacast, an investment casting group with three plants in Marysville and Seattle, WA, and East Greenwich, RI, is building a fourth operation in Butte, MT. A groundbreaking for the new plant took place on September 18.

"This is a day that is long and coming, and even though the process has been very long, the benefits to the Butte community will go on for a long, long time," stated Bert Robins, vice president of Seacast. The new plant will produce steel and aluminum investment castings for customers in aerospace, auto, medical, oil and gas, and mining markets. In time, Seacast intends to add titanium investment casting, too.

Metal pouring is planned before the end of 2008, according to a Seacast statement.

"Bringing titanium here, titanium is one of the fastest growing segments in our industry and there is just a small handful of foundries that have that capability, so the expansion of this in Butte is huge," stated Seacast president Mike Robins.

The Robins established Seacast in Seattle in 1986.