New Marketing Agreement Expands Ashland’s Environmental Offerings

March 18, 2004
Adds Dakota cold-box scrubbing technology

Ashland Casting Solutions, a business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical Co., recently established a global marketing agreement with Dakota International Inc. by which Ashland will market and distribute Dakota’s complete line of scrubber systems to its worldwide metal casting customer base.

Dakota International is one of the leading suppliers of cold-box scrubber technology to metalcasters in the North America. Its turnkey scrubber systems trap and remove amine catalyst gases from the cold box core-making process. Dakota scrubbers are MACT-compliant for emissions, data logging, and compliance confirmation aspects of the MACT standard for iron and steel foundries.

Together with its own patented Isocyle recycling program, Ashland Casting Solutions can offer a complete package for managing the amine catalyst waste stream effectively -- and for maintaining compliance with the industry’s environmental requirements. Isocyle is designed specifically to handle spent scrubber solution containing amine catalysts.

Ashland’s Hoodstack emissions analysis program is also available for customers that need help require determining emission control and permit requirements.

Acording to Mike Swartzlander, v.p. of Ashland Specialty Chemical and general manager of Ashland Casting solutions, “Our agreement with Dakota International is a strategic addition to our metal casting product offering that is designed to create value and provide integrated solutions to the casting industry. The Dakota scrubbers line combined with our existing environmental services further strengthens our commitment to health, safety, and environmental protections at our customers’ facilities, as well as our own.”