L A Aluminum Casting in Capital-Improvement Program

March 22, 2006
Adding ERP in expectation of increased production capability

L A Aluminum Casting Co. reports it has begun a $210,000 capital-improvement program that amounts to "a complete refitting" of the permanent-mold operation. Foundry manager Dave Bullock estimates the entire project will take 12 to 14 months to complete.

L A Aluminum has been located in Hayden Lake, ID, since 1972. It was established in Southern California in 1947, and presently has capacity to produce over 2,000 lb/hour of aluminum. It also offers extensive machining capabilities.

Along with the equipment upgrades, L A Aluminum is implementing new enterprise software in response to the expected increase in production capabilities. The new ERP will integrate control functions that involve several different operations, and reduce the risk of process errors.

After a 12-month search for the proper program, L A Aluminum chose Enterprise Operations Consulting, Post Falls, ID, representing Syspro Systems, to develop a program. "We wanted to choose a local company if possible, and EOC met all of our requirements," explained L A Aluminum CEO Bob Oswald.

Being a local company, EOC will provide system support to L A Aluminum. And, the software's modular structure will make it economical and practical to expand the system in the future. Oswald states he believes EOC and Syspro will meet the company’s needs well into the future.