Ashland Casting Solutions Introduces Cellular Ceramic Filters

April 5, 2006
EXACTFLOW line for inclusion removal, flow control in gray and ductile iron, aluminum

April 6, 2006 -- Ashland Casting Solutions has introduced a series of extruded ceramic filters for liquid-metal filtration in metalcasting operations. EXACTFLO™ cellular ceramic filters are offered in various sizes and cell configurations "to meet or exceed demanding performance standards," ACS states. The alumina/silica ceramic filters are intended for inclusion removal and flow control in gray and ductile iron, aluminum, and other nonferrous alloys, and withstand pouring temperatures up to 2,650°F.

EXACTFLO ceramic filters are available from 37 to 81 mm square, and with square or delta (triangular) cells ranging in size from 100 cells per square inch (CSI) to 300 CSI. They can be placed vertically or horizontally within the mold's gating system.

Mike Swartzlander, v.p. of Ashland Specialty Chemical and general manager of ACS, stated: "We are very pleased to add the EXACTFLO ceramic filters to our product offering in the U.S. Our continuing efforts to expand our product lines here and globally demonstrate our continued emphasis to provide solutions to our customers."

ACS is a business unit of Ashland Specialty Chemical, a division of Ashland Inc.