Simpson to Represent IMF in North America

Sept. 24, 2004
Sales, service agreement combines “world’s best technology in no-bake sand casting”

IMF-NA has named Simpson Technologies Corp. as its exclusive agent for equipment sales and service in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. IMF-NA is the North American manufacturing arm for IMF Group equipment. Centered in Luino, Italy, IMF is one of the world’s leading builders of stationary and mobile mixers, no-bake molding plants, thermal reclamation systems, and core shooters.

Simpson Technologies designs and builds a wide range of equipment and systems for metalcasting operations, including: batch and continuous molding sand mixing equipment, molding sand coolers, on-line mixer controls, core-sand and shell-sand preparation plants, core machines, amine distribution systems, gas-generation systems, core-room odor control equipment, flaskless molding machines, mold-handling systems, sand-reclamation systems, and sand lab equipment.

For large systems and integrated molding plants Simpson will have access to IMF’s engineering and technical resources.

IMF products to be covered by Simpson’s sales and service efforts include:

  • High-speed continuous mixers for chemically hardened sand;
  • Fast-Loop molding systems;
  • Mechanical and thermal sand-reclamation plants; and
  • Core-shooting machines for cold box, hot box and shell processes.

In their statement on the agreement, Simpson explains that the combination of the two organizations gives North American foundries “access to the world’s best technology in no-bake sand casting — from individual machines to turn-key, integrated no-bake molding systems — together with timely and local after-sale service, spare parts and technical support.”