Ashland Offering Online Course in Cold-Box Techniques

Sept. 14, 2007
40-hour program begins October 8

Ashland Casting Solutions is introducing an online training course that aims to guide participants through a series of advances in cold-box coremaking technology. ACS — a business group of Ashland Performance Materials, a division of Ashland Inc. — supplies core and mold binder systems, refractory coatings, release agents, riser sleeves, metal cleaners, sand additives, and other specialty services.

“The course is much more specific in terms of information than other available training programs,” states ACS product manager Ralph Showman, who narrates the program. “Ashland is an industry leader in developing technology used in the practice of the Coldbox process, making this course truly worthwhile.” The 40-hour course will be available beginning October 8, and is offered as a "virtual classroom forum." According to Ashland, participants will be able to converse with instructors and others in attendance, and will have unlimited access to course materials. Because the training is conducted online, the participants will be able to progress according to their own schedules.

The course will be available online at To learn more about it, or to enroll, contact Tom Oliver at tel. 614-790-4083, The course is available online at