Toolmaker Orders Heat-Treating System

March 8, 2005
Atmosphere furnace and accessory equipment

Jore Corp., which designs, manufactures, and markets tool accessories and hand tools, has ordered an atmosphere furnace from Surface Combustion, Maumee, OH. The company operates injection molding, blow molding, diecasting, forming, stamping, and machining processes at its plant in Ronan, MT.

Surface Combustion’s Uni-Blue atmosphere furnace is a batch operation consisting of an internal stainless steel casing assembly with an external layer of insulation and light-gauge steel/metal covering. The design protects the insulation from contaminants that otherwise would impregnate the insulation lining of conventional furnaces.

The patented furnace design allows a circular wind flow along the inside of the furnaces’ internal casing, providing good atmosphere and/or steam distribution throughout the furnace. The high-convection fans also supply temperature uniformity within the effective workload area.

Jore’s furnace will be electrically heated with sheathed heating elements, preventing direct exposure of the heating elements to the furnace atmosphere. The furnace will be capable of processing workloads 36 by 48 by 36 in., to a maximum operating temperature of 1,100°F.

The order also includes four specially designed, Surface Intra-Kool water-cooled finned tubes to cool workloads and reduce cycle times. Also, the purchase includes a spray-dunk washer unit and two scissor lift tables to handle the effective workload size.