Heat Treater Adding Furnace for Aluminum Engine Blocks

March 23, 2007
Seco technology offers ±1°F uniformity

March 23, 2007 — Temp-Rite Steel Treating, Harrison Township, MI, is adding a new furnace to its operation to process aluminum engine blocks. The commercial heat-treater has contracted Seco/Warwick Corp. to build and install a jet-heated solution heat-treat furnace based on Seco's jet impingement air flow technology.

Jet-impingement air flow was developed to reduce process time and improve the temperature uniformity during heating and throughout the soaking phase of the heat-treat cycle. The furnace builder states its new technology has achieved ±1°F uniformity of product in production, which has resulted in "higher quality metallurgical results, distortion control and reduced total cycle time."

Temp-Rite Steel Treating offers vacuum hardening, salt-bath hardening, carburizing, atmospheric hardening, precipitation hardening, and sand blasting. Its nonferrous heat-treating services include solution annealing, precipitation hardening, and aging. The operation also includes a full inspection department and in-house lab.

Seco/Warwick manufactures industrial heat processing equipment, including heat treat furnaces, vacuum furnace technology, atmosphere generators and aluminum reverb melting and holding systems.