Mouat Reports Two Molding Line Projects

Dec. 26, 2006
EBAA orders no-bake installation; Disa line for ACM

December 26, 2006 — The Mouat Co., Birmingham, AL., which designs and builds a range of foundry equipment and installations, reports it has been contracted by EBAA Iron to design and build a new greenfield foundry using no-bake molding technology at the company's Eastland, TX, location.

EBAA Iron Inc. manufacturesf joint-restraint products for ductile iron and PVC pipe. It operates foundries in Albany and Eastland, TX, and at Cordele, GA. No timeframe for the expansion project has been announced.

In addition, Mouat explains that it has been contracted to build a new Disa molding line for Asama Coldwater Manufacturing Co. Inc., a Honda subsidiary in Coldwater, MI.