Brock Supplies Molding Machines to Wescast Industries

Aug. 14, 2005
Four 20x24 machines in six months

Brock Solutions, Kitchener, ON, has installed four new, 20x24 matchplate molding machines for Wescast Industries at its Wingham, ON, metalcasting plant.

Based in Brantford, ON, Wescast Industries calls itself the world’s largest supplier of exhaust manifolds for passenger cars and light trucks. It designs, casts, machines and assembles iron manifolds, turbo-charger housings, and integrated turbo manifolds at seven plants in Canada, the U.S., and Hungary.

Brock Solutions’ Foundry Group designs, develops, and installs matchplate molding machines, turntables, melt and sand cooling control systems, core-room services control systems, and casting conveyor systems.

Brock designed the new molding machines for Wescast, which were delivered over six months from November 2004 to April 2005. They are providing Wescast with "performance-enhancing hydraulic controls, precision guide rods, and squeeze-station technology," Brock states, to maximize performance.