Aluminum Foam Under Study to Replace Sand Cores

Sept. 9, 2004
Brembo license Cymet process

Italy’s Brembo S.p.A. has agreed with Cymet Corp., Toronto, to begin an evaluation effort concerning aluminum foam cores for producing hollow-cast components. Brembo would be replacing sand cores used in its production of high-performance brake systems for cars, motorcycles, commercial, and high-performance racing vehicles.

Cymat president and CEO Dr. Paul A. Tichauer said: "We believe the use of stabilized aluminum foam as a light-weight, permanent casting core can significantly enhance part performance relative to traditional hollow cast components."

Dr. Tichauer added, "The use of aluminum foam in casting cores has the potential to become a key application within the automotive sector for Cymat. We are delighted to be working in this area with a company of Brembo's stature and reputation."

Michael Schorn, corporate technical and R&D director for Brembo explained the objective of the evaluation effort is to determine " the extent to which the use of aluminum foam as a replacement for traditional sand cores during the manufacture of hollow castings can increase stiffness and reduce vibration. We are extremely pleased to be working with Cymat on this important aspect of our product development."

Cymat describes itself as a developer of "innovative" industrial materials. It has exclusive worldwide rights, through patents and licenses, to produce a stabilized aluminum foam product that is manufactured by bubbling gas through molten alloyed aluminum containing a dispersion of fine ceramic particles. The foam is used to create lightweight panels and shapes characterized by a high strength-to-weight ratio, mechanical energy absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation, recyclability, and relatively low cost of production.