Simpson Core-Sand Mixers Chosen for Saginaw

April 5, 2004
GM selects eight machines for aluminum V-8 line

Simpson Technologies Corp., Aurora, IL, was chosen by General Motors Corp. to supply eight its core sand mixers the GM Powertrain Saginaw (MI) Metal Casting Operations. They will comprise the precision sand operations for engine-block casting at Saginaw, site of an extensive remodeling program by GM in preparation for a new line of aluminum V-8 engines for GM trucks.

GM plans to introduce the new engines in the second half of 2006.

"We are very excited to be a part of this project," stated Bruce W. Dienst, President and COO of Simpson Technologies Corporation. "Simpson Technologies has provided critical process technology to General Motors foundries for more than 80 years. Just as GM is evolving with newer, improved process technology to meet the demands of their competitive market so too is Simpson Technologies. We believe the CSM series core sand mixer is the newest machine of its kind in the market anywhere in the world. It was designed from the ground up by Simpson engineers, taking advantage of all the latest technologies, specifically to meet the needs of foundries that wish to optimize their core making process in order to achieve the highest quality cores at the lowest possible cost. Less core scrap and minimal consumption of binder and sand mean more profitable castings for the foundry."

According to Simpson, precision sand process involves producing a resin-bonded sand mold from a series of cores to shape the contours of the product to be cast. Sand is cured into a solid exterior mold, into which molten metal is poured. "This process allows the use of cast-in-place iron liners, pressurized aluminum filling, and produces a casting with a high degree of dimensional accuracy, thin cross sections, and near-net shape," the equipment builder states.

Precise process control is critical. For that reason, Simpson says, GM selected eight CSM-125 Simpson CSM Series core sand mixers. This model produces a 125-kg. batch and features "the most accurate, versatile, and productive dosing and core-sand mixing system available in the world today." The CSM Series’ versatility makes it possible for a single machine to prepare accurate batches that vary in both resin content and sand weight in alternating sequence, or in short production runs. This capability gives the operators control over the process for cost, quantity, and quality control of the core sand preparation.

TheCSM-125 has fully enclosed, cast urethane mixing chamber that is easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.