Automatic Pouring Unit Revamped at French Foundry

July 6, 2004
Le Creuset adds second Sert system

Sert, the French engineering firm that designs molten-metal flow-control systems, reports it has revamped the automatic-pouring unit at the Le Creuset foundry. The unit had been operating since 1996.

Last year Le Creuset installed a new Disamatic line to produce up to 550 molds per hour. This project followed the customer’s satisfaction with the initial installation. The revamped automatic-pouring unit was mounted on the existing pressurized pouring furnace. Then, the furnace was transferred to the new DISA line.

Sert details that its supply included: the standard Uceram package (OptoNum camera for pouring measurement, Uceram smart controller and supervising unit, and DEM-MQS electric high-precision stopper drive system); the DH+/Magecod device for automatic positioning of the pouring furnace (including DISA DH+ network communication); and a communication link to the DISA computer to feed process data and statistics to the control platform.