L A Aluminum Wins Two Government Projects

Feb. 19, 2008
Idaho foundry projects sales to rise 25%
L A Aluminum Casting Co. reports it has been named a recipient of two federal government contracts, together totaling several million dollars of new business that have increased the company’s annual sales projections by 25%. L A Aluminum Casting is a permanent-mold operation in Hayden Lake, ID, that specializes in military castings and products for the nuclear and wind-power markets. In the first of the new contracts, L A Aluminum will produce towable tank fittings to be used by military vehicles for transporting water and fuel in Iraq. The fittings are used at each end of a fuel bladder that can be transported behind a jeep to carry 3,000-5,000 lb of fuel apiece. The second contract involves a partnership between L A Aluminum Casting and Berg Integrated Systems, Plummer, ID, to produce fittings for a 210,000-gal fuel tank design that Berg Integrated Systems manufactures. A prototype has already been delivered. The foundry indicates this contract is valued at more than $400 million over five years. “This is excellent work for us,” explains L A Aluminum Casting marketing manager Michelle Richter. “It suits our core business strategies. We have been making similar castings for over 60 years and we will be able to easily implement the growth plan we had scheduled for this year.”