Weekly Update - July 29, 2008

July 29, 2008
Two Metaldyne Plants Up for Sale, or Closure FATA Aluminium Acquired by FATA Automation Roberts Sinto Opens Surface-Treatment Center Continuous Vibratory System for Deburring Aluminum Diecastings
Turkcast 2008 Foundry Products Trade Fair TURKCAST is an international exhibition that focuses on the business interests of Casting Suppliers and Casting Buyers. TURKCAST offers an unparalleled opportunity for Castings producers to showcase their products that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of Castings Buyers. To learn more: Click Here.
This Week's Metalcasting News Review
Two Metaldyne Plants Up for Sale, or Closure
Metaldyne Corp. is offering a diecasting operation and a machine shop for sale, or else will close them, as part of its “action-oriented plan to create value” for shareholders. Read more
FATA Aluminium Acquired by FATA Automation
Casting equipment manufacturer FATA Aluminium Inc. has been acquired by FATA Automation Inc., according to a release. FATA Aluminium designs and manufactures casting machinery, automated casting carousels, sand regeneration systems, and aluminum foundry equipment. Read more
Roberts Sinto Opens Surface-Treatment Center
Roberts Sinto Corp. has started up the Sinto Surface Treatment Test Center in Grand Ledge, MI, a design/engineering operation for customer-specific applications. Read more
Featured This Week
Continuous Vibratory System for Deburring Aluminum Diecastings
“The high productivity was mainly achieved by the automatic loading system,” said Christian Barth manager of Visiocorp's metalcasting department. “This allows us to run the machine with 1.5 people. We would not have achieved this with any other system available.” Read more
Forums And Blogs
REB blog: Buy? Sell? Hold?
There are considerable everyday challenges to owning and operating a metalcasting operation, including the effort to maintain equitable advantages with casting buyers and product/service suppliers, both of which groups have become much more consolidated in the past decade — leaving less latitude to metalcasting operations, which have not consolidated to nearly the same degree. Read more
Upcoming Events
Permanent Mold Coating Fundamentals - Aluminum
Schaumburg, IL; August 5-6, 2008 Read more
Metallurgy of Gray and Ductile Iron
Cleveland, OH; August 12-15, 2008 Read more
Workplace Emergency Planning / Electric Safety-Arc Flash
St. Louis, MO; August 12-13, 2008 Read more
Designing & Building Metal Stamping Dies
Cincinnati, OH; August 13-14, 2008 Read more
Metallurgy of Copper Base Casting Alloys
Hamilton, ON; August 19-21, 2008 Read more
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