American Metal & Technology to Expand Manufacturing

Feb. 12, 2008
First in China with mold design, casting, and machining at one site
American Metal & Technology Inc.., a Los Angeles-based company that produces high-precision cast and machined products in China, reports plans to expand its casting capacity at Langfang by 50%, from 2,400 to 3,600 tons/year. The company also will improve its capabilities for manufacturing circuit boards, an alternate line of business for American Metal. It says the expansion will make it the first company in China to have its mold design, precision casting, and machining facility at one site. American Metal says it will invest $3 million to construct two buildings, the first being a 6,600-m 2 factory with a 4,500 m 2 metalcasting shop, a 1,000-m 2 electronic shop, a 500-m 2 mold shop, and a 600-m 2 inventory and equipment shop. The second building will be a 4,300-m 2 dormitory for 600 workers. Construction will be complete later this year, and production will start next January. American Metal indicates the expansion represents the completion of its second construction phase. It acquired the site in 2004, and completed the initial construction in 2005. Chen Gao, president and CEO, stated: "We pride ourselves on understanding the key trends in the industry and then making strategic moves to stay at the forefront. The continued increase in demand, combined with these expansion plans are a big part of our strategy to integrate the efficiency and quality control measures that are so important in this business. Having all of our functioning units and design teams in one location will add synergy and help us to continue growing as an innovative company."