Aluminum Foundry Bought by Private Equity Group

Feb. 25, 2010
Batavia, IL, operation set to expand market reach

An aluminum foundry was acquired earlier this month by an investor group that says it plans to expand the foundry’s range of products. Cast Aluminum Solutions LLC, Batavia, IL, was acquired by LV2 Equity Partners from Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co. for $500,000.

The former Watlow Batavia Inc. had focused its production on thermal components — castings used to control or monitor temperature in electrical devices (heaters, consumer appliances, medical devices) or in manufacturing processes (including semiconductors and aerospace.) It has design capabilities for developing new products, and CNC machining for finishing.

The new ownership, CAS will continue that focus and expand engineering and production capabilities into non-thermal applications.

The current management team and workforce will remain in place.

“We feel that CAS is a terrific company with great people and capabilities. Our focus will be on providing exceptional service to our customers and remaining their supplier of choice,” stated Mike Flint, LV2 Equity partners senior managing director.

LV2 Equity Partners is a Midland, MI, private equity group that invests in companies $3 million to $30 million in sales, in niche manufacturing segments with strong growth prospects.