EPA Fines Investment Caster for RCRA Violations

July 2, 2008
Triumph Precision Castings hit for $10K

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports it recently fined Triumph Precision Castings Co., Chandler, AZ, for violating the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Triumph is an investment caster that produces hot-gas path components for aerospace and land-based gas turbines, supplied to aircraft and industrial markets.

EPA requires plants to store, label and seal hazardous waste containers properly, and facilities must also have properly trained staff in order to minimize the risks that hazardous waste spills pose to workers and the environment..

Triumph Precision Castings was penalized $10,000 for the RCRA violations, and EPA reports the violations have now been corrected.

EPA details that its investigators discovered several violations of RCRA during a June 2007 inspection of the plant in the Gila River Indian Community, including failure to implement a contingency plan during an emergency; failure to have the name, address and telephone number of the emergency coordinator in the contingency plan; and failure to meet all of the training requirements for personnel that handle hazardous waste.

“Ensuring a proper response to hazardous waste emergencies is a priority,” stated EPA’s Pacific Southwest Waste Management division director, Jeff Scott. “Firms such as Triumph, which generate hazardous waste, must follow federal regulations to better protect their employees, surrounding communities and the environment."