Simpson Supplying Equipment Package to Dallas Foundry

March 2, 2004
Martin Sprocket orders Mix-Muller, etc.

The Simpson Group, Aurora, IL, has been contracted by Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc. to supply a new equipment package to the company’s foundry in Dallas. Simpson will provide its Mix-Muller, Hartley Compactability Controller with Bond Determinator, and the Hartley Bond Addition System to the plant.

Martin Sprocket & Gear, Fort Worth, TX, is a diverse manufacturing company with operations that perform machining, fabrication, forging, casting, powdered metal technology, and plastic injection molding of power transmission and conveying products

According to Simpson, the current contract was based on Martin Sprocket’s satisfaction with an earlier version of the Mix-Muller. “The Model 2?G Simpson Mix-Muller will be supplied complete with a Hartley 18Mk2/2552 Compactability Controller with the patented Bond Determinator feature,” the equipment builder states. “The 18Mk2/2552 will control the entire Mix-Muller cycle, from filling the weight batch hopper and adjusting moisture to control sand compactability to counting the mulling time and operating the sand conveyor delivering sand to the molding machine. The Hartley Bond Determinator will automatically adjust the bond addition to the Mix-Muller as a result of measuring the molding sand's green compressive strength and moisture during the testing sequence. Simpson is also providing a Hartley 90Mk2-5 pneumatic transporter to weight and pneumatically deliver the required amount of bond/additives from bulk storage to the Mix-Muller.”

Simpson designs and manufactures technology and supplies services to metalcasters worldwide. Its products include batch and continuous molding sand mixing equipment; molding sand coolers; on-line mixer controls; core sand preparation systems; shell sand preparation plants; core machines; amine distribution systems; gas generation systems; core room odor control equipment; flaskless molding machines; mold handling systems; sand reclamation systems; sand laboratory equipment; and foundry system design, engineering and automation systems.