Atlantic States Assigns Emissions-Control Project to Kuttner

June 12, 2005
$9.3-million investment will make it first foundry to limit mercury emissions

Wisconsin-based Kuttner L.L.C. has been contracted to install a new cupola emissions-control system at Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Co., Phillipsburg, NJ.

Kuttner is the U.S. subsidiary of Germany foundry equipment designer/builder Kuttner GmbH & Co. K.G.; Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe is a division of McWane Inc. producing ductile-iron pipes.

In May, Atlantic States announced plans to install a state-of-the-art emission control system by the first quarter of 2006. It claims its $9.3-million investment would make it "the first foundry in North America to apply control technology to substantially limit mercury emissions." The new system will exceed the requirements of federal Clean Air Act standards, as well as New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection regulations, Atlantic States says, and will be in place prior to the January 1, 2010 compliance date.

The new emissions system will provide:

  • Significant reduction in mercury and particulate-matter emissions;
  • Reduction in carbon monoxide emissions by 60%;
  • Cost savings in natural gas and electricity consumption, and waste disposal;
  • Elimination of the visible steam plume;
  • Reduced noise levels associated with daily operations;
  • Improved safety and facility housekeeping; and,
  • Better performance for the water reuse treatment plant

Kuttner indicates the mercury and particulate reduction equipment was designed by Luehr Filter GmbH, which has experience at over 100 mercury-reducing projects around the world.