Ashland Releases Update to Arena-flow

May 24, 2004
Version 4.2 offers new modeling capability, more functions

A new, updated version of the Arena-flow modeling software has been released by Ashland Casting Solutions, a unit of Ashland Specialty Chemical. Version 4.2 will be released on June 1.

Arena-flow is computer-aided engineering software for metalcasters to optimize core-making and tooling design. It was developed by Arena-flow L.L.C., Albuquerque, NM, together with General Motors, NASA, and the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Ashland offers it to metalcasters worldwide through an exclusive license, and also tailors engineered solutions to specific production problems based on research using Arena-flow.

It describes the software as offering “an intuitive, easy to use graphical interface, which allows users to import CAD drawings and specify all the variables involved in the core-making process.” The software supplies the user with a “complete picture” of the core machine’s blowing, gassing and purging cycles. And, it analyzes the quality and effectiveness of virtual cores before time, money, and material are invested in production.

In the latest version of Arena-flow, users will find a new core-density model, an enhanced particle normal stress model, a new flux plane capability, an enhanced vent treatment, and interaction functions so users can view results while a calculation is running and communicate with the software during calculation to optimize process variables.

Ashland says it has granted Arena-flow licenses recently to North American automotive OEMs, Tier 1 metalcasting suppliers in Europe, and metalcasting design centers. Also, several engineering projects using Arena-flow have been completed for North American and Japanese automotive and heavy-truck OEMs

Access to Arena-flow computer aided engineering software technology is granted by software license agreements as well as on a contract project basis through Ashland Casting Solution’s Design Services Center.

Recent license agreements include several North American automotive OEMs, European Tier I metal casting suppliers, and metal casting design centers. Additionally, several engineering projects have recently been completed for North American and Japanese automotive and medium to heavy truck OEMs.

Arena-flow technology was developed by Arena-flow LLC of Albuquerque, N.M., in conjunction with General Motors, NASA and the Department of Energy. Ashland is the exclusive worldwide sales, marketing and service supplier for Arena-flow in the sand casting industry.