Nissin Brake Taps CEC for a Third T-6 System

Nov. 21, 2006
System combines rapid heat-up with casting temperature uniformity

November 21, 2006 — Nissin Brake, a subsidiary of Nissin Kogyo Co. Ltd, recently placed an order for a continuous roller-hearth solution heat-treatment and aging (T-6) furnace for castings with Consolidated Engineering Co., to be installed at the Nissin Brake Ohio plant in Findlay, OH. It's the third such order with CEC for a Nissin Brake, a Tier 1 supplier of brake systems for automotive and other applications for customers like Honda of America, Harley-Davidson, and General Motors.

According to Brian Buck, project engineer for Nissin Brake Georgia, “We are very pleased with the first two T-6 systems that CEC implemented. When the need arose for a third system, we did not hesitate to contact CEC again.”

As detailed by CEC, Nissin cited three factors for its in the recent order: first, the design offers a combination of rapid heat-up and thermal uniformity throughout the casting, which are “safety critical steering” components and must be heat-treated precisely.

Second, the space available for the installation is limited. CEC customized its T-6 design to match the space, and still ensured very fast heat-up and narrow temperature variations throughout the castings.

The final factor was CEC's skill at integrating its system with a supervisory controll and data acquisition (SCADA) package, as well as with the plant's upstream and downstream automation systems. The contractor states it addressed these points by working with Nissin Brake Ohio and Nissin Brake Georgia to integrate the T-6, and to capture all time/temperature data for storage and retrieval on demand.