Greenbrier Rail Plants to be Combined

Sept. 8, 2008
Chicago Heights, Peoria sites recondition freight-car parts

Greenbrier Rail Services is closing its Greenbrier Castings operation in Chicago Heights, IL, and will consolidate the plant’s activity with another plant in Peoria, IL. GRS is a business division of The Greenbrier Companies, an organization that builds, refurbishes, and leases railroad freight cars.

Greenbrier acquired the Chicago Heights plant in its 2006 purchase of Meridian Rail Holdings. GRS operates two plants in Chicago Heights, one that refurbishes railcar wheels, and another that reconditions couplers, yokes, side frames, and bolsters. The latter operation will be consolidated at the Peoria location.

Illinois state authorities have been advised that 30 employees will be affected. Layoffs will begin at the end of September, and GRS states that all of its coupler and yoke services will be centered at Peoria by October 31.

Greenbrier Castings Peoria is reconditioning facility for freight-car couplers, yokes, side frames and bolsters. It also has in-house heat-treating capability.