NADCA Wage-and-Benefits Data Now Available

Feb. 9, 2004
2003 data covers 50 diecasters

The Rosemont, IL-based North American Die Casting Assn. (NADCA) has released its 2003 Wage and Benefit Survey of 50 companies in the U.S. diecasting industry. It presents a comprehensive look at 13 different job classifications for hourly wage earners; their compensation; benefits; practices and polices as determined by company size and location. It also offers summaries of insurance rates and absenteeism.

The report includes a table identifying the participating companies and categorizing them by annual sales totals, numbers of diecasting machines, numbers of employees, and more. Both national and regional totals are presented. Also, data is offered in terms of average, median, minimum, and maximum, as a reference to the range of values reported by the survey participants.

The same data is offered in electronic format, on a searchable CD-ROM. Search results may be exported to other programs for statistical analysis, and historical wage-and-benefits data is provided for comparative purposes.

“Based on the industry summaries included in the survey,” NADCA reports, “diecasting companies can determine compensation standards, select fringe benefit plans and insurance, or lead labor negotiations. The survey provides diecasting companies with the ability to create competitive programs for both current and future employees.”

NADCA’s 2003 Wage and Benefit Survey is for sale online at