Weekly Update April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010
National Bronze starts new foundry OSHA cites diecaster Dotson design wins AFS contest
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This Week's Metalcasting News Review
New National Bronze Foundry Starts in Ohio
National Bronze & Metals completed a three-year expansion project in Lorain, OH, resulting is a new, $22-million foundry larger than the former operation, and capable of propelling the company into new markets for its brass, bronze, and copper-alloy products. Read more
OSHA Cites Ohio Diecaster for Safety Violations
Ohio Decorative Products has been cited for workplace safety violations with penalties totaling $91,000 issued. Read more
Featured This Week
Dotson Co.’s Alternator/AC Bracket Wins Annual AFS Casting of theYear Award
Twelve cast-component designs have been recognized by the American Foundry Society and Metal Casting Design and Purchasing’s 2010 Casting Competition. Read more
Forums And Blogs
REB Blog: VAT's out of the bag
Taxpayers have two alternatives: do nothing, and hope to avoid taxes; or relocate to some place where the cost of living and doing business is less onerous. Read more
Foundry M&T's Where-to-Buy Directory This comprehensive directory contains information from companies/organizations that you can search by keyword to locate companies by the type of product (category search) or by the company name. Find everything from alloys to plant engineering, from heat treating to safety, from pouring to prototyping and so much more.Click to start searching the directory.If your company is not listed in the Foundry Where-To-Buy Directory or you need to make a change, please contact Kathy Savage at [email protected] or (205) 669-7161.
Upcoming Events
CMI's Gating & Riser Design Course
Schaumburg, IL — May 4-6, 2010 Read more
ISRI Annual Convention & Expo
San Diego — May 4-8, 2010 Read more
AFS/NADCA Metalcasting Industry Govt. Affairs Conference
Washington, DC — May 5-7, 2010 Read more
ACCCI 2010 Spring Meeting
Amelia Island, FL — May 6-7, 2010 Read more
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