Accuride, Benecor Target DEF Market

March 27, 2008
Joint venture will develop infrastructure equipment
Accuride Corp. is forming joint venture with Benecor Inc. to build a “diesel exhaust fluid dispensing infrastructure.” In a statement, Accuride explains that the partners see an opportunity to develop systems for distributors, suppliers, and consumers to store and access diesel exhaust fluids (DEF). New automotive emissions standards that become effective in 2010 have spurred engine and truck manufacturers to invest in new engine designs and technologies, and Accuride points out that many of the new designs include selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. These SCR-based engines call for DEF as the “central operating fluid,” because it minimizes diesel engines’ nitrous-oxide (NOx) emissions. “In addition to having equipment on a vehicle that provides emissions compliance, it is equally important to have easy access to the fluid required to operate this system,” Accuride explains. Accuride senior vice president for Strategy, Growth, and Technology Steve Holt predicted the joint venture would build “an infrastructure” that will cost-effectively ease compliance concerns for the industry. 'We recognize the sheer scope of effort required to meet the needs of this market rollout, and joining with Accuride will afford us the opportunity to expedite the manufacturing and installation of the storage and dispensing units at truck stops, diesel fueling stations and fleets throughout North America,” stated Benecor president Brendan Foster. Benecor designs and develops dispensing systems and packaging for UREA (aka carbamide, an organic chemical compound) dispensers for the diesel engine market. Its products include large capacity above- and below-ground tanks. Accuride manufactures commercial vehicle components, including wheels, wheel-end components and assemblies, truck body and chassis parts, seating assemblies, and others. Its products are marketed under different brand names, including Accuride, Gunite, Imperial, Bostrom, Fabco, and Brillion According to Holt, “We are very happy to fill this need in the market place. Accuride has strong relationships throughout the commercial vehicle industry, as does Benecor. Our truck, OEM and fleet customers, DEF producers, and chemical distributors are thrilled to have us step up and fill this market void.”