Mexican Foundry Chooses Magmasoft

Jan. 9, 2005
Autometales selects software for component design, troubleshooting

Mexican ductile-iron foundry Autometales will install a Magmasoft software suite to support its production of automotive and truck castings. "The software will be used to launch new components and troubleshoot existing castings on their Disamatic molding line," states Magma Foundry Technologies.

Magma is the North American subsidiary of Germany’s Magma Giessereitechnologie GmbH. It supplies metalcasting process-simulation software and related engineering services.

Autometales is part of Grupo Desc, a Mexican conglomerate. Desc Automotive is active in various metal processes, including forging, iron casting, automotive parts and components manufacturing. Desc Automotive products include manual transmissions, constant velocity joints, pick-up beds, pistons, steel wheels, front and rear axles, gears, propeller shafts, joints, and seals.