Ashland Acquires Core-, Mold-Release Technologies

March 21, 2004
Will purchase Blackhawk Specialty Products

Ashland Specialty Chemical Company, a division of Ashland Inc., has signed a three-year agreement with Blackhawk Specialty Products, Rock Island, IL, to purchase its metalcasting technology. "The purchase includes formulations and technology for core- and mold-release agents, green sand release agents and metal cleaners, which will be incorporated into the Casting Solutions business group," Ashland said.

Blackhawk has been producing these mold release agents and metal cleaners under contract for Ashland since 1992.

According to Michael Swartzlander, v.p. of Ashland Specialty Chemical and general manager of the Casting Solutions unit, "This acquisition strengthens our global position for offering world-class, high-performance release agents and metal cleaners to the marketplace, providing improved productivity for metal casters."

Casting Solutions has plans to globalize the technology, and plans manufacturing start-ups at its production plants around the world.

Swartzlander continued: "This is part of the total solution package offered by Casting Solutions, which includes binders, coatings, sleeves, sand additives, core and mold simulation software, and technical support and design services. Ashland continues to broaden the scope of products offered to the metal casting industry with investment and continuing R&D for metal casting consumables."