Thresher Introducing New Aluminum Alloy

May 10, 2007
High-ductility product said to reduce component weight for brakes, transmission parts

May 11, 2007 — Thresher Industries reports it has developed a new, high-ductility aluminum alloy it will promote for automotive components manufacturing, using its proprietary Direct Metal Induction Cast Process.

"Everyone at Thresher is extremely pleased with this development," stated president and CEO Tom Flessner. "This alloy could revolutionize automotive structural engineering as we know it today, and will allow Thresher to move to the forefront in this automotive engineering field as well as finding other automotive applications."

Hanford, CA-based Thresher Industries produces cast aluminum products and reinforced metal-matrix composite aluminum components.

Thresher's Foundry Group has been working with its Talon Composites division to develop the new alloy, for which testing has been completed only recently. The organization says it can supply the alloy to automotive parts manufacturers, which will lower the cost of production for customers and deliver new solutions to standard problems.

Flessner indicated the new alloy will be applicable to several of the group's customers, including MGM Brakes, Alto Transmission and Baer Brakes, and potential future clients. "Not only will automotive engineers and designers benefit," said Flessner, "but also the end consumer with the production of lighter, safer, and less expensive automobiles that will delivery better fuel economy."

Thresher stated the alloy will lead to "reduction of overall vehicle weight and end costs, and when used with Thresher's Nautilus Core technology it will allow engineers tremendous freedom of design."