New Vibratory Shakeout System for Pacific Alloy Casting

Feb. 10, 2007
Didion Mark 5 cleans castings, reduces airborne dust

February 9, 2007 — Didion International reports it has installed a new rotary media drum at Pacific Alloy Castings, a gray- and ductile-iron foundry in South Gate, CA. The operation recently invested in an update to its vibratory shakeout system, choosing Didion's Mark 5 Series rotary media drum.

The Mark 5 is a patented design that separates sand from fragile castings, and conditions and "double screens" the sand, cleans the casting, gates the runners and sprues, and cleans the casting, as well. The design is so efficient that it contains the sand within the sand system, so airborne dust is reduced — keeping the workplace cleaner and safer.

Jim Leach, president (and owner) of Pacific Alloy Castings calls the Mark 5 system “the best labor saving device I have installed since we stopped shoveling sand 30 years ago … and I’m not exaggerating.”