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New MAUS Grinding Center for Indian Iron Foundry

Feb. 22, 2011
Magna Electro Castings Ltd. anticipates better surface quality, throughput
The Maus SAM 600G is an automatic grinding/fettling machine for riser and gate cutting and grinding. The system is fully automated, with workpiece loading/unloading times of less than four seconds.Magna Electro Castings Ltd., a producer of small to medium-sized ductile and gray iron castings at Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, India, recently acquired a new grinding/fettling center from Maus SpA, the Italian machining equipment builder. The Maus SAM 600G machine is described as “a compact yet powerful automatic grinding center,” with four-tool capacity and product load/unload time less than four seconds. The new machine is expected to be in production after midyear. Mr. N. Krishna Samaraj, managing director for Magna, stated that the new machine center will improve the surface quality of Magna’s castings significantly, and improve production rates for the metalcaster. Magna is a vertically integrated foundry, performing various machining, surface treatment, and heat treating operations in house. It produces ductile and gray iron castings weighing less than a pound to over 2 tons, for customers in the valve, refrigeration, rail, hydraulics, automotive, wind turbine, and other industrial sectors worldwide. The operation is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949 certified for its quality management system. Magna runs a fully automated sand prep and mold line, too, using a Hunter HMP20E automatic molding machine (1994) and an HLH 20 Type II mold handling system (2007). Schaumburg, IL-based Hunter Automated Machinery represents Maus in several regional markets worldwide.