Hunter Reports New Molding Machine Orders

July 6, 2006
Rochester Metal Products, Progressive Foundry order new XL series models

July 6, 2006 -- Hunter Automated Machinery Corp., Schaumburg, IL, reports it has contracts from two foundries to build and install new molding systems.

First, Hunter will build and install a new XL2024 series molding machine for Rochester Metal Products in Rochester, IN. The builder says its XL series “incorporates the most up-to-date, patented, state-of-the-art engineering innovations and advancements in Matchplate molding technologies.” It predicts the new system will aid Rochester in lowering machine maintenance costs while it produces high-quality, near net shape castings.

Also, Hunter soon will install a XL2024 series molding machine, along with HLH-20 and HLH-10 Type II linear mold-handling systems for Progressive Foundry Inc. located in Perry, IA. Progressive Foundry already has installed two HMP-20H molding machines and two HLH-20 linear mold-handling systems.