NADCA Introduces Online Technology Forum

Nov. 29, 2005
Quick answers for diecasting designers, buyers, specifiers

The North American Die Casting Assn. recently launched a new online forum it says provides "a knowledge base of expert answers" for diecasting designers, buyers, and specifiers. NADCA anticipates the forums will help speed access to diecasting information among the industry’s experts.

Users are invited to post questions about any diecasting topic, and answers will be supplied by NADCA members. Topics include material specifications, tolerances, and inquiries about improving production process improvements.

A beta version of the forum has been tested for several months, and has posted over 2,000 entries on 525 topics.

In order to help users find pertinent information quickly, the site has three separate forums for diecasting technology and design.

NADCA president Daniel L. Twarog said: "We believe this will be an especially effective tool for designers who may want information about potential diecasting applications, because the forum blends the speed and access provided by the Internet with the technical knowledge possessed by our members."