Diecaster in Alliance with Advanced Magnesium Technologies

Oct. 24, 2006
Chicago White Metal to develop electroplating apps for AM-lite

October 26 -- Australia's Advanced Magnesium Ltd's subsidiary, Advanced Magnesium Technologies, recently agreed to an alliance with Bensenville, IL-based Chicago White Metals, which will develop a range of electroplating applications for its own products using Advanced's proprietary alloy, AM-lite.

Chicago While Metals is a diecaster producing parts for electronic, telecom, medical device, computer and defense manufacturers. It uses hot-chamber equipment to produce magnesium diecastings, and also produces zinc and aluminum components.

AM-lite is a magnesium alloy that has been formulated for its efficiency and cost-savings as a diecasting material, as well as an effective surface-finishing alloy. AMT sees it as a potential replacement for zinc, aluminum or magnesium in diecastings and plastic injection moldings.

This is the fifth alliance agreement for Advanced Magnesium Ltd. Other parters are using the alloy to produce plumbing fixtures, kitchenware, and hardware in Europe and Asia, and Advanced Magnesium Technologies is aiming to extend the alloy into electronic automotive applications.