Clarification: Wisconsin foundry has “no plans to close”

Nov. 24, 2003
Badger Iron Works going strong at 105

We received the following letter after a news report in our print edition. While we obviously meant no harm nor had any intent to confuse, a review is in order:

In the November 2003 issue of Foundry Management & Technology there is a small, yet significant, error on page 6.

In the first sentence of ‘Giddings & Lewis Plans to Close Foundry’ their location is referred to as Menominee, WI. While, the spelling of Menominee for that is correct, the Gidding & Lewis foundry is in Michigan, not Wisconsin.

Badger Iron Works is the only foundry in Menomonie, WI. We have had one customer call to see if we are closing. We have no way of assessing the impact on our business for those customers and prospects who don't call, but assume we are closing.

Badger Iron Works Inc. of Menomonie, Wisconsin, is a gray and ductile iron foundry in operation since 1898 (105 years) with no plans to close.
Liz Forster, vice president
Badger Iron Works Inc.
Menomonie, WI

It’s true. We regret the error and invite any remaining doubters to visit Badger Iron Works to see for themselves.