Wescast Orders Planning Software

Nov. 2, 2004
Expects new capability to optimize production forecast

Wescast Industries Inc. selected Infor Global Solutions to supply planning software to optimize its two-stage production-management operation. Wescast manufactures exhaust components for cars and light trucks, and wants to create optimized supply-chain plans that respect operating constraints. Also, Wescast wants to improve its ability to adapt to changes in production forecast, improve visibility into inventory positions, react quickly to changes in supply-chain requirements, and ensure they are able to service customers.

Infor Advanced Planning will be integrated with the already installed existing Infor TRANS4M ERP solution from Infor Automotive Essentials, and the supplier states it “will eliminate the existing manual planning and suppl-chain execution processes.”

Infor provides vertical specific, enterprise-wide business solutions to manufacturers and distributors.

Infor details that with the new planning capability, Wescast will be able to determine accurately which of their manufacturing facilities can best meet forecasted product demand requirements, based on production costs, inventory, capacity, demand origin, and other variables. “They can do this while taking into account and respecting the numerous constraints in their planning processes including finite labor and capacity and increasing raw material procurement costs.,” Infor states.

"Our goal is to align all of the components of our supply chain, improving our ability to be more agile and adaptable. Infor Advanced Planning is the solution that supports our business objective and enables our team to make the best informed decisions for our business and our customers," said Kuldeep Chandra, Wescast’s director of Procurement & Supply. "With this, we will be able to more effectively balance our supply and demand requirements and improve our responsiveness to our customers."