Ashland’s Casting Solutions to Market Selee Ceramic Foam Filters

Aug. 29, 2005
Exclusive marketing rights in Europe and Asia, distribution rights in North America

Ashland Casting Solutions, a business group of Ashland Inc.’s Ashland Specialty Chemical division, has agreed to market Selee Corp.’s ceramic foam filters for metalcasting processes. The agreement covers exclusive marketing rights in Europe and Asia, and non-exclusive rights to distribute the filter products in North America.

Selee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc, which is a specialized filtration and advanced materials business, with expertise in products for filtering molten metals. It invented ceramic foam filtration and is a market leader in the filtration of molten aluminum, iron and steel. Selee produces ceramic foam filters for iron and steel foundries, and the new agreement will with Ashland will expand that presence in North America and around the world. Also, Ashland’s technical support services for metalcasters will expand to cover Selee’s ceramic foam filters.

According to Mike Swartzlander, vice president, Ashland Specialty Chemical, and general manager, Ashland Casting Solutions, “Selee’s ceramic foam filters are a great match to our customer-solutions approach to enhancing foundry production. Through this agreement, we add additional design services capabilities so we can now more readily work with our customers from concept to manufacturing.”