Vulcan Contracted for New Molding Systems

March 11, 2007
New projects include no-bake, tight-flask, and Disa systems

March 11, 2007 — Vulcan Engineering Co., Helena, AL, reported details of a series of recent contracts to design and install nobake molding systems:

• Wolverine Bronze, Roseville, MI, chose Vulcan to design, build, and install a complete no-bake molding system for specialized aluminum castings. Vulcan will handle the project on a turnkey basis.

The new Wolverine system will incorporate semi-automatic mold production with several customized features for efficient production of medium- to low-volume aluminum castings.

As detailed by Vulcan, this will be the first low-pressure sand casting system of its kind in the U.S. Vulcan will be integrating it with a new, low-pressure Kurtz casting machine. The no-bake system is scheduled for installation in the first quarter of this year, and full production is expected by mid-year.

• Also, Vulcan Engineering will engineer and supply equipment for an upgrade to the no-bake sand system for Chicago Magnesium, in Chicago. The project will improve sand management throughout the plant, for better process control. This project is scheduled to be completed early this summer.

• U.S. Foundry & Mfg., Medley, FL, has begun commissioning and start-up of a new tight-flask molding system that Vulcan designed and installed. It includes a new BMM molding machine with Vulcan’s mold, flask handling, and sand systems.

• Union Foundry Co., Anniston, AL, successfully started up its new Disa 250C that Vulcan Engineering installed.

• Finally, Farrar Corp., Manhattan, KS, contracted Vulcan Engineering to design and install an automatic heat-treating system, including a blast machine, three furnaces, and a cooler station. The system is designed for 2,000-lb batches and round-the-clock operation.