NADCA Releases New Volume on Aluminum Diecasting

July 5, 2004
"High Integrity Aluminum Die Casting (Alloys, Processes, and Melt Preparation)"

The North American Die Casting Assn. has released a new publication, "High Integrity Aluminum Die Casting (Alloys, Processes, and Melt Preparation)."

NADCA explains that a critical step in diecasting high-integrity aluminum products is preparing molten metal. "A wealth of knowledge has been gained in recent years and has been compiled in this single comprehensive text, making it an absolute must for those serious about maximizing and controlling metal quality," the association reports. It includes detailed technical information to give the reader a thorough understanding of key parameters impacting metal quality.

"High Integrity Aluminum Die Casting" is presented in eight chapters. The first describes diecasting process variants, including high-vacuum, semi-solid, and squeeze casting. What follows is a description of aluminum diecasting alloy designations; effects of alloying elements; applications; properties; and property predictions. Then metal melting, transferring, and holding is addressed. Furnace types and maintenance, refractories, and heat=transfer aids are also described.

In its discussion of achieving and controlling high-quality metal, the book addresses sludge formation and prediction methods; dross formation and minimization methods; hydrogen gas, inclusions and their formation mechanisms; melt cleaning systems and techniques; and, quality-assurance methods, including metal assessment techniques and non-destructive evaluation of cast parts.

"High Integrity Aluminum Die Casting" includes contributions from metalcasting engineers, scientists, and academics. For more information or to copies, visit the NADCA website.