Rimrock Offering New Vertical Reciprocator for Diecasting

Nov. 1, 2005
“Flexible, affordable, efficient” spray solution

Rimrock Corp. has introduced the model 414 Vertical Reciprocator for diecasters, developed to provide a flexible, affordable, and efficient spray solution for diecast machines ranging from 200 to 600 tons. Among the new machine’s features are:

The 414 is a complete spray system with many features including:
- Standard maximum vertical strokes of 24 and 36 in.;
- 50 in./second maximum speed;
- Platen-mounted pedestal support with manual swing for die change, and manual adjustment for die thickness changes;
- Spray head powered by a brushless servo motor; and,
- Up to 10 spray positions with intermediary sweeps.

The unit can be equipped with up to six model 026 spray nozzles, or up to 12 of the new lightweight 032 nozzles, with separate blow-off. Moreover, nozzles can be mounted and tips can be configured to coincide with various die-spray requirements. Powered by a state-of-the-art brushless servo drive and controlled with a robust industrial controller, the 414 is called a “durable” and “user-friendly” solution automated spraying.

Rimrock, based in Columbus, suppliesautomation equipment for high-pressure diecasting, foundry and forging. It supplies a ange of automation systems, including ladles, sprayers, extractors and turnkey robotic solutions. Also, Rimrock is a strategic partner of ABB Robotics and is North America’s only certified ABB parts and warranty provider.