Dynacast Buys Diecasting Machine Supplier

Oct. 1, 2007
Calls Techmire a "natural extension" of its core business
Dynacast has acquired Techmire, a manufacturer of multi-slide diecasting machines based in Montreal, for an unreported price. It plans to operate Techmire as a separate business unit, and continue to offer its full range of products and services. Dynacast, based in Charlotte, produces aluminum, magnesium, and zinc precision diecastings at plants in Lake Forest, CA, and Elgin, IL, as well as at plants in Canada, Mexico, and 12 other operations in Europe and Asia. In early September, Dynacast acquired a zinc diecasting operation in Quebec, QZD. Now, it says Techmire "represents a natural extension of Dynacast’s core business and combines two complementary business lines to better serve the die casting industry," the company states. It adds that the acquisition diversifies Dynacast’s international customer base, and will lead to advances in its multi-slide technology. CEO Simon Newman says, “Dynacast will build on Techmire’s excellent technical reputation to improve the value, capabilities and global availability of multi-slide diecast technology, parts and service. “By combining the expertise and resources of each company," Newman continues, "we can and will bring improvements and new technologies to the marketplace, creating options and value for our customers.” Dynacast supplies small component diecastings to customers in a range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, telecommunications and consumer electronics, and claims to be the only such producer with a global manufacturing network. It says that network will allow it to expand Techmire's spare parts service. “Techmire customers will benefit from Dynacast’s unparalleled engineering and technical support,” states Techmire president Leela Hardat. “The opportunities made possible through Dynacast’s strong development focus will improve and expand our industry.”