ASI Intl., Black Lab Corp. Buy Flux, Hot Toppings Lines

Nov. 10, 2005
Former Hickman, Williams products now offered by ASI

ASI International Ltd. and Black Lab Corp. report they have formed a joint venture to purchase the flux and hot toppings product lines from the Hickman, Williams Co. They report the purchase was completed October 21. No purchase price has been reported.

The Hickman, Williams Black Products Group has produced and supplied a full line of hot toppings and nonferrous fluxes, and the joint venture now is offering those products. Orders should be placed with ASI International (tel. 216-391-9900; fax 216-391-9933.)

ASI is based in Cleveland. It produces and supplies ferroalloys, pure metals, patented specialty inoculants, and inoculant-enhancing additives for the iron and steel industry.

Black Lab, headquartered in Chardon, OH, is the parent of Wedron Flux. It produces and markets a complete line of injection and manual-grade fluxes, flux injection units and inert rotary degassing units including the Rotaflux system, which combines inert rotary degassing with flux injection. Black Lab also formulates dry granular products.