Ashland, SinterCast in Global Alliance

March 20, 2005
Aiming to develop mold coatings, binders, etc. to optimize CGI at mold/metal interface

Ashland Casting Solutions and SinterCast AB have formed a global marketing and technical alliance that seeks to develop novel mold coatings, binders, resins, and core materials to optimize the structure and properties of compacted graphite iron at the immediate mold/metal interface. In addition, their joint efforts will be designed to strategically alter the thermal balance within the mold, to optimize castability. Finally, the collaboration will seek to improve the thin-wall design flexibility of CGI in complex lightweight castings, and expand the overall market potential of CGI

Ashland Casting Solutions is a business group within Ashland Specialty Chemical, an Ashland Inc. division. Based in Stockholm, SinterCast is the world’s leading supplier of online process control technology for CGI production . It has production agreements with 25 foundries around the world that represent 40% of the global capacity for cast-iron cylinder blocks.

Their alliance calls for the two companies to pool their products, services, engineering know-how, and contact lists to introduce reliable CGI production technology to new markets and to deliver complete CGI production solutions to the international foundry industry.

Ashland’s research and development center in Dublin, OH, will be the headquarters for the alliance.

Mike Swartzlander, vice president, Ashland Specialty Chemical, and general manager, Ashland Casting Solutions, stated: “This alliance creates an industry leading initiative to expand CGI into other casting markets. With the unified expertise and innovation power of Ashland and SinterCast, we are confident that we can further improve our industry’s capabilities to make the most of CGI’s outstanding mechanical properties and true potential.”