NADCA Releases 2008 Wage, Benefits Survey

Feb. 3, 2009
Study reveals 2008 median annual sales of diecasters was $21.6 million
The North American Die Casting Assn. (NADCA) has released its 2008 Annual Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey. The survey covers 37 domestic manufacturers of diecastings and examines data across 13 job classifications. According to NADCA president Daniel L. Twarog, “The data in this Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey reflects total pay, including overtime, and is indicative of the economic times the diecasting industry is experiencing. More companies are paying to keep their older machines running, while time in the CNC area is decreasing.” NADCA explains that its study compares the earnings of hourly workers, compensation programs, and benefits. It also analyzes the different compensation programs for companies of different sizes and locations, and summarizes insurance rates and data on absenteeism. Median annual sales of the diecasting companies included in the 2008 survey was $21.6 million per year. Companies in this range used 16 diecasting machines, employed 118 full-time direct labor employees, and 79 hourly production workers. One result released by NADCA is that diecastering maintenance workers pay rose 36% in 2008 over 2007. By contrast, CNC operators’ pay decreased by 34% in the same period. The survey is available in a searchable database on CD-ROM, containing data from all surveyed participants and individual company data from 1999 to 2008. For individual statistical analysis, search results may be saved and exported into a spreadsheet. Copies may be ordered through the NADCA web site; choose #852