Camito Takes Order for Large-Scale Castings

March 27, 2009
NovaCast unit supplying composite-cast stamping dies
NovaCast Technologies AB subsidiary Camito has earned a significant order from Schweikert to supply castings for trim and flange dies and stamping die shoes, for producing automotive body parts. Schweikert produces automotive parts for various manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and VW. Schweikert will supply the finished parts to an unnamed automotive group for producing body parts. The order is for trim and flange dies and stamping die shoe castings. Each die set will weigh approximately 7.5 metric tons, and the entire order will have an estimated weight of 45 metric tons. Novacast is develops and produces castings for producing auto body parts, as well as the software for production methods and process simulation and control. Camito technology is used to cast single-piece components for forming and stamping dies. (Another Novacast subsidiary is the die manufacturer, SwePart.) In the Camito casting process, tool steel is cast onto gray iron, resulting in a composite casting that is ready for final machining. It’s an approach that reportedly is well suited to stamping die applications. Casting gray iron and tool steel in one mold reduces lead times required to produce stamping dies, compared to the traditional approach of casting a gray iron base, into which are bolted machined tool-steel inserts. Because the lead-times are reduced, the time to market for “body-in-white” components is shortened, creating an advantage to both the die maker and the customer. According to Novacast, a critical factor for it winning the Schweikert order was its ability to supply of supplying the total value chain for car body stamping dies from one source, i.e. castings, machining and completion. “The order is the result of intentions expressed earlier to focus on the German automotive market and should be seen as a further step in establishing the Camito Concept,” stated Camito AB CEO Rolf Mastenstrand.